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The Lyric Meme

You post 'em, we guess 'em!

Yet another LJ pastime!
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Welcome to lyric_meme. A community devoted exclusively to the Lyric Meme!

How to Play:

Step 1: Select 10 songs (at random.)
Step 2: Of those ten songs, select a single lyric from each one. (The more obscure, the better)
Step 3: Post the list of ten lyrics in your entry for other LJ users to guess the artist and song.

Tips on Playing:

+Check prior comments before posting yours. Someone may have already responded with the correct answer.
+Be prepared to update/edit your entry as you receive comments with the correct answer and LJ user who guessed it.
+It's probably a good idea to not list what music you're listening to if it's at all related to the meme. It can give away your answers...
+...on that note, listing a lyric with the title of the song in it kind of defeats the purpose of the game as well.
+When guessing, it helps if you know the song and artist. It's up to the meme-creator to declare your answer correct or incorrect, but I personally consider answers containing only one or the other incorrect.
+Some of you may wish to post the correct answers if no one guesses them. All I ask is that your entry remain posted for a minimum of 24 hours before providing the correct answers.

Your meme is your meme. You decide how easy or difficult you'd like it to be. You decide whether a user has the correct answer or not. However, be sure to play fair. This includes:
-Knowing the correct lyric/title/artist of the songs in your meme.
-Giving credit to the first person to reply with the correct answer.

Still don't get it? Here's an example.

1) No community promos please.
2) Every post must contain some form of lyric meme.
3) Play nice. No insulting anyone's taste in music or quality of their meme.
4) The LJ Cut is our friend. If your post contains anything other than the meme, please place the remainder of your entry behind a cut. Just to keep things streamlined.

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If you like this community...spread the word! The more members we have, the more fun the game is!

This community is managed by ophelias_lament

(Established 01.09.2005)