Mrs Albert Chapman (electricsparks) wrote in lyric_meme,
Mrs Albert Chapman

1. Wild open space, talk like an open book Metric - Gimme Sympathy [guessed by girlsvomitcandy ]

2. Desperate to grease the gears of the hideous machine, the swine they writhe and praise the infallible regime

3. And I asked him what the time was, he says "hit the road now, Jack" Husker Du - Hardly Getting Over It [guessed by lucieandco ]

4. She said "unbreakability's my responsibility baby" Hot Hot Heat - Middle Of Nowhere [guessed by amandaglynn ]

5. Last on the village scene, fall apart, iron heart

6. Coming down the aisle while the horns played Taps, they tied her up and laid her on the train tracks

7. Now you've gone and done it, hope you're happy in the county penitentiary Dresden Dolls - Missed Me [guessed by lucieandco ]

8. On the road to New Orleans, a spray of stars hit the screen Siouxsie and the Banshees - Kiss Them For Me [guessed by lucieandco ]

9. I stick it up like an iced cake robbery

10. 1987, all I want to do is get stoned, all I want for you to do is take my body home

Answers to the last one:

1. Now look at you, you put surveillance on my heart // Redd Kross - Mess Around

3. I still sleep on the right side of the white noise, can't leave the scene behind // Silversun Pickups - Panic Switch

4. Slipping through the so and sos, over all the fields we go // Iggy Pop - Moonlight Lady

5. When you're reeling with that feeling, we'll paint the town pink 'cause baby red is so last year // The Pierces - Turn On Billie

6. I'll be out back in my white Cadillac, won't you join me for a ride? // Kings Of Leon - Holy Roller Novocaine

10. I look at them out together, I don't mind he's an ok fella, anyway it's probably better she isn't stuck with me // Beat Happening - Cat Walk
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