Mrs Albert Chapman (electricsparks) wrote in lyric_meme,
Mrs Albert Chapman

1. Now look at you, you put surveillance on my heart

2. Now they talk about abortion in cosmopolitan proportions to their daughters XTC - Respectable Street [guessed by lucieandco ]

3. I still sleep on the right side of the white noise, can't leave the scene behind

4. Slipping through the so and sos, over all the fields we go

5. When you're reeling with that feeling, we'll paint the town pink 'cause baby red is so last year

6. I'll be out back in my white Cadillac, won't you join me for a ride?

7. We talk about love, we talk about dishwasher tablets Fever Ray - Seven [guessed by lucieandco ]

8. You're taking the fun out of everything, I don't want to think at all Blur - There's No Other Way [guessed by lucieandco ]

9. Only months ago you would never even take the time to write Velocity Girl - I Can't Stop Smiling [also guessed by lucieandco ]

10. I look at them out together, I don't mind he's an ok fella, anyway it's probably better she isn't stuck with me

The last one:

1. Playing games people move so fast, you don't need eyes to see if someone's got a heart of glass  \\  Mystery Jets - Young Love

2. You can fake that smile for a hollow while, but the kids all learn once those bridges burn  \\  Tilly And The Wall - Pot Kettle Black

3. Like a red bouquet slim swinger, it would have fit her better but no red letter  \\  Bauhaus - Swing The Heartache

4. But when you smile it spins me like a ferris wheel, washed out to sea in your eyes  \\  Ryan Adams - Rip Off

5. What could make a person wish to fight, when dazzling lights have overwhelmed his sight  \\  The Like - Under The Paving Stones

6. When you wind down to zero there's things you won't face, and the buzzards start screaming  \\  Neil Finn & Shawn Colvin - What I Get Paid For

9. "I want my mommy and daddy!" I want your daddy as well!  \\  Princess Superstar - Bad Babysitter

10. It doesn't matter what you ask, it's who you're asking  \\  We Are Scientists - Lethal Enforcer
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