Panffle (katesmannequin) wrote in lyric_meme,

1. the bed is unmade/like everything is

2. blood runs through our veins/that's where our similarities end = "Blood" - Editors

3. you say you wanted more/what are you waiting for/i'm not running from you = "The Kill" - 30 Seconds to Mars

4. i've been poking a voodoo doll that you do not know I made/for you, of you = "Bandages" - Hot Hot Heat

5. i see the passion emerge/and i'm your villain

6. you scream louder than fiction

7. i broke your jaw once before/spilled your blood upon the floor = "Kiss with a Fist" - Florence and the Machine

8. it takes the truth to fool me/and now you've made me angry = "I Can't Decide" - Scissor Sisters

9. and all my accidents/are all just instruments/to lock you up

10. let's do this like a prison break
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