Mrs Albert Chapman (electricsparks) wrote in lyric_meme,
Mrs Albert Chapman

This community is a really great way to put off doing work.

1. Playing games people move so fast, you don't need eyes to see if someone's got a heart of glass

2. You can fake that smile for a hollow while, but the kids all learn once those bridges burn

3. Like a red bouquet slim swinger, it would have fit her better but no red letter

4. But when you smile it spins me like a ferris wheel, washed out to sea in your eyes

5. What could make a person wish to fight, when dazzling lights have overwhelmed his sight

6. When you wind down to zero there's things you won't face, and the buzzards start screaming

7. Then my mind went dark, we both forgot where your car was parked Bright Eyes - Lover I Don't Have To Love [guessed by lucieandco ]

8. I'll rub that cheap black off your lips baby, so take a swallow as I spit baby Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Bang [guessed by lucieandco ]

9. "I want my mommy and daddy!" I want your daddy as well!

10. It doesn't matter what you ask, it's who you're asking

Answers to the last one:

1. Times like this you wonder why it's even worth your while, just count the silence these days until you smile  //  Cut Copy - Unforgettable Season

2. Oh muse, I'm embarrassed of what happened  //  Black Mountain - No Satisfaction

3. I'm walking away now, one step forward and back two  //  The Dead Weather - Hang You From The Heavens

6. There was no snake-oil cure for unlucky in love  //  Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue

8. All fragmented and broken up like love affairs  //  The Mekons - Last Dance

9. Straying to another inevitably, sell photos of the newborn for the highest fee  //  Neon Neon - I Lust U

10. Big time lover, tried to snatch a kitty off his girlfriend's mother  //  The Rapture - No Sex For Ben
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