Mrs Albert Chapman (electricsparks) wrote in lyric_meme,
Mrs Albert Chapman

I'm ~bored

1. Here comes something, you are Lou Reed, "Transformer" cracked by the backyard stream Sonic Youth - Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style [guessed by girlsvomitcandy ]

2. There goes my girlfriend, walking down the dead man's spot

3. I've never been stately, I'm legless at sea, my spirit has felt you since 1903 Architecture In Helsinki - Hold Music [guessed by lucieandco ]

4. Distance is just numbers on a dashboard, hours thinking about nothing but the transmission stutter you fear

5. So wary of the kids when they're wearing their hoods up, and even if they smile at you you think it's a stick-up

6. Let your girlfriend do what your boyfriend can't New Young Pony Club - Get Lucky [guessed by lucieandco ]

7. Why do all the highways lead to where you don't want to be?

8. I was playing a show down the road when your spirit left your body

9. I even tried to get arrested today, but everyone looked the other way

10. I had to regain my confidence, so I got into camouflage Gang of Four - I Love A Man In Uniform [guessed by lucieandco ]

...and here are the answers to the last one. I don't trust the new LJ cut thing.

1. I'm so sad I hate myself, I don't know where to go for help  \\  Descendents - She Loves Me

3. This is the pattern cut from the cloth, this is the pattern designed to take you right out  \\  Fugazi - Smallpox Champion

4. Gilded palace full of sin, never knew what beauty I'd find within  \\  The Raveonettes - Black/White

5. From New York to New Orleans played alphabet, Kansas to Boise won the battleship  \\ Cold War Kids - God, Make Up Your Mind

6. She said to me we're going to lie on the floor, 'cause we don't need to go and can choose some more  \\  The Vaselines - Dying For It

7. Then you circle above just to frame the view, and it makes no sense but it's clear to you  \\  Devics - Just One Breath

8. I'm only going where you'll be someday so don't say "rest in peace" in your prayers  \\  White Lies - E.S.T.

9. And children cry for the one who has a real big heart and a father's grace  \\  Animal Collective - My Girls

10. Next week will solve your problems, but now fish fingers all in a line  \\  Wire - Ex Lion Tamer
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